New Year at any cost: Russian officials secretly cut down a spruce tree in a resident’s garden (2 photos + 1 video)

1 December 2023

The central square of the city was decorated with someone else's tree.

The administration of the city of Minyar, Chelyabinsk region, hastened to please the residents of the New Year's forest beauty. Officials posted a video on their official account showing a tree being cut down and loaded onto a platform to be installed in the square. A message was added to the video:

- Christmas trees are coming to the cities, we will never abandon our children. Minyar has always been famous for its ice artists, but now the most beautiful Christmas tree is going to Minyar. New Year is just around the corner.

A few days later, a local resident sadly said that this tree was cut down in her garden. In a barbaric way, officials destroyed a family heirloom.

— My husband and his dad planted the Christmas tree in 1982, when he entered first grade. She grew up on our site for 41 years. It’s a shame that it was cut down, it was our memory,” Elena Shaldina wrote in the group “Overheard | Minyar.”

The administration's action outraged many citizens. They wrote in the comments:

- Disgrace. Are there no Christmas trees left in our forest? This one will stand on the square, and then for firewood. And so she would grow and make everyone happy. Very sad and sad.

- It wasn’t you who planted it and it’s not for you to take it away!

— Where are the prosecutor’s office and the police looking? This is a violation of private property, without the permission of the owner of the site!

The owner of the site was advised to contact law enforcement agencies. Users recalled the experience of a neighboring city. In Sim, Christmas trees are no longer destroyed. Once they planted a tree in the center, now they decorate it.

Elena said that no one from the administration contacted her and did not ask permission to cut down the spruce. They were taken out secretly. The family accidentally saw that they had lost a tree. And then they found a video of how he was knocked out and were completely upset.

The townswoman at first wanted to give up, but then she read people’s responses, saw that they cared and also wanted to find out - on what basis was their spruce tree cut down? Minyar is located in the middle of a forest, but it turns out that it was closer and easier to steal what the residents planted?

Elena wrote to the head of the city, the deputy and the chairman of the land committee, who also happened to be a neighbor. He anticipates difficult proceedings - after all, garden plots were distributed a long time ago, and now the form of ownership needs to be clarified. On the other hand, no one told the family that their plot was ownerless and did not claim ownership of it. Everyone in the city knew that this was their land. And the officials didn’t even inform us. New Year at any cost - even at the cost of the tears and worries of the townspeople.

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