The most beautiful crested birds (26 photos)

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1 December 2023

Nature has selected some birds in a special way - crowned them. Of course, they are not literally crowned heads. But thanks to the tuft, they look very original and regal.

Individual representatives of almost every family have such tufts of feathers. The list of scallop functions is impressive: demonstrating certain emotions and intentions, attracting a partner, interacting with the outside world, including notification of dominance, threat and an invitation to fight. And, of course, the crest is simply beautiful. For us – people who observe the life of feathered creatures from the outside.

1. Tufted tit

2. Crowned Crane

3. Crowned Dove

4. Great Grebe

5. Hoopoe

6. Peacock

7. California Crested Quail

8. Turquoise Crested Flycatcher

9. Red-crested turaco

10. Corella parrot

11. Himalayan monals

12. Secretary Bird

13. Great yellow-crested cockatoo

14. Livingston's Turaco

15. Golden Pheasant

16. Bali starling

17. Waxwing

18. White American Heron

19. Crested hummingbird

20. Brahmin Starling

21. Northern crested penguin

22. Ivory-billed Woodpecker

23. Mandarin duck

24. Great piebald kingfisher

25. Amazonian crowned flyeater

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