Famous actors whose participation was completely cut out of films (13 photos)

29 November 2023

Actors whose participation was completely cut out of the films... Eh, how offensive it sounds! Take it and cut it out, well, what good is it? Especially when it comes to really talented, famous and cool actors. However, “removal” does not always mean that the artist failed to cope with the task set by the director. As it turned out, there are many reasons for such cuttings. We have considered similar situations in our selection.

Jennifer Lawrence was cut from Dumb and Dumber 2 (2014)

The actress is a big fan of the first part and starred in a small role in the sequel, but by agreement with the Farrelly brothers (directors) she could ask to cut out her scenes. Apparently, Lawrence did not like the quality of the film at all, so her scenes are not in the final version.

Tobey Maguire was cut from Life of Pi (2012)

Or rather, replaced. The film's director, Ang Lee, felt that the star status of the actor who played the Writer overshadowed his character (and everyone else in general). So he reshot all the scenes with the little-known Rafe Spall.

Harrison Ford was cut from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

The actor played a small role as a school principal, but Steven Spielberg cut out his scene so as not to distract viewers from the plot. Otherwise, these movie stars always steal all the attention!

Tim Roth was cut from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

The actor played in a small scene, playing the role of the butler of the hairdresser Jay Sebrin (Emile Hirsch) who appeared in the film, but, according to Quentin Tarantino, he had to abandon it.

Paul Rudd was cut from Bridesmaids (2011)

The actor played a small but striking role as a guy with whom the main character (Kristen Wiig) had a blind date. The character initially seemed likeable, but then in the skating rink scene he turned into probably the nastiest character Paul Rudd has ever played. The actor who screamed and called children names was not liked by the test audience, and scenes with him were cut out, just so as not to ruin his role as a good guy.

Liam Neeson was cut from The Hangover 2: From Vegas to Bangkok (2011)

The actor played the small role of a slightly out-of-touch tattoo artist, which Neeson completed in one day. However, after filming, Todd Phillips felt that the scene needed to be remade, only Neeson was no longer available. Therefore, instead of him, Nick Cassavetes, the director of “The Notebook” and screenwriter of “Cocaine,” appears in this scene. And the audience did not see Neeson’s performance even in the additional materials for the film.

Matt Damon was cut from Ocean's 8 (2018)

A logical character cameo from the original story of Ocean and his friends was cut out, since Damon's particular scene made no sense at all.

Shailene Woodley was cut from The Amazing Spider-Man: High Voltage (2014)

The actress had already been filming the film as Mary Jane Watson for three days when the creators decided not to include the heroine in the plot in order to focus on the relationship between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. Mary Jane was supposed to appear in the threequel (not the fact that it was performed by Woodley), but it was never filmed.

Ethan Hawke was cut from Total Recall (2012)

The actor appeared in one scene as a hologram showing what the main character (played by Colin Farrell) looked like before plastic surgery. The scene was preserved in this form only in the director's cut of the film (in the main version, the hologram has Farrell's face, which is rather illogical). Director Len Wiseman removed Hawke's participation because he felt his appearance would confuse viewers.

Matt Smith was cut from Lay Down in Bruges (2007)

The actor had a small role in the flashback, where he played the younger version of Ralph Fiennes' character. In this scene, he deals harshly with a corrupt police officer, so harshly that it was the reason for the removal of the episode.

Kevin Spacey was cut from All the Money in the World (2017)

As with Maguire, the character played by Spacey (with extensive makeup) was reshot entirely with a different actor, Christopher Plummer. All because of allegations of sexual harassment against Kevin Spacey. The funny thing is that Plummer, who was better suited for the role due to his age, received an Oscar nomination for this unplanned role.

Chris Cooper was cut from The Ring (2002)

Probably the most amazing case. Do you know why the actor was cut from the horror film? Because Cooper was TOO GOOD. Test audiences were so pleased with the actor's performance in the small role of a serial killer whom the main character, a journalist, visits in prison that they wanted more scenes with him. Director Gore Verbinski perceived this as a threat to the storyline and simply cut Cooper's scenes.

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