35 people with unique genetic characteristics (36 photos)

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20 November 2023

The human genome consists of 20-25 thousand genes that determine our appearance, intelligence and health. Each of us is unique, but some are a little more than others. Heterochromia, polydactyly, vitiligo and albinism are a consequence of genetic mutations. This is another reminder that we must accept each other's differences and forget about judgment.

1. The indigenous people of the Solomon Islands, Melanesians, are known for their beautiful dark skin and naturally light hair.

2. Vitiligo and heterochromia

3. Child with Waardenburg syndrome

4. “I feel like I have more freckles every day.”

5. "Vitiligo Gratitude Post. It took me 28 years to realize I'm blessed."

6. “My brother was born with brown eyes that have a little blue in them.”

7. Waardenburg syndrome

8. Uncombable hair syndrome

9. He was diagnosed with vitiligo at age 40.

10. Filipina with blue eyes

11. Heterochromia

12. Human skin is covered with a pattern called Blaschko lines

The lines remain invisible and appear only in certain endocrinological diseases.

12. Father and son have the same freckles

13. Vitiligo

15. Marfan syndrome

16. “My pupil is constantly dilated.”

17. A teenager from India suffers from a rare disease called werewolf syndrome, or hypertrichosis.

18. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

19. “I can pick things up with the outside of my hand.”

20. Anisocoria - different pupil sizes

21. Hurricane on the beard

22. “I have always been able to bend my legs in the opposite direction.”

23. Elven ears

24. “My 8-month-old baby’s hair reminds me of a Van Gogh painting.”

25. “My fingers don’t bend, so they don’t have wrinkles.”

26. Polycoria ("double pupil")

27. “I can raise my ring finger like this.”

28. Raynaud's disease

29. “My brother has a condition where the iris bleeds into the pupil (does not affect vision).”

30. Unusual hand

31. And one more

32. Ella Harper was born with a rare pathology - hyperextension of the knee joints

33. “I was born with a split thumb, but I had surgery.”

34. Marfan syndrome

35. Coloboma - eye defect

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