Long-eared roundhead: the lizard opens its mouth like the Predator from the famous film (6 photos)

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20 November 2023

The long-eared roundhead really does resemble the skull collector from the movie Predator. They are literally the same person!

Cheburashka. Reptilian version.

At the same time, the reptile did not arrive from another planet, it is our compatriot. The roundhead lives in deserts and semi-deserts from Southern Russia to Iran and China. Here life is not easy: among the dunes, food and water are worth their weight in gold. But harsh reality hardened the agama. She does not hide from the scorching sun, but overcomes it, going out to hunt for insects right in the middle of the day.

When I laughed so long that I tore my face.

A tail like a wheel, a straight posture, a piercing gaze - this is all about the roundhead. But a confident appearance is not enough when a hungry jackal gallops towards you or a kestrel dives. At first, the roundheads use the first rule of any fight: those born to run will not get hit with cabbage soup. Thanks to good camouflage, this usually works. But situations are different, and a roundhead driven into a corner uncovers the last resort - bluff.

The same person who says at +35 that it’s cool outside.

A huge bright pink mouth and a swelling, vague silhouette of incomprehensible dimensions cause the neurons in the predator’s skull to stir. “So stop,” the enemy says to himself. - Such a little thing has too much mug. What if this is not a small thing at all, but a big and dangerous enemy that I don’t see in its entirety?” Instincts say: something is unclean here, and the predator hesitates. But the lizard is not. The cunning reptile throws dust in the eyes of the enemy and again applies the first rule, escaping as best it can.

In times of danger, blood rushes to the mouth, and the mouth and “ears” of the roundhead turn red.

Scientists thought that agamas could crush their heads not only for their opponents, but also for their brothers. Such a male approaches the female and wins her heart with his Hollywood smile. But no, the roundheads do not show the breadth of their bread slicers in front of each other. Their communication occurs through a diametrically opposite place. Through the tail. Twisting and unwinding, stomping and posing - the dialogue of these reptiles is more like a dance battle.

Disputes on the Internet: *insults and labels*. Roundhead disputes:

If the female has taken a pose (the pose of refusal), then no amount of pandemonium will convince her. But if she liked the movements, then everything quickly comes to laying eggs. Roundheads don’t bother with parental care: they lay 3-4 eggs in the sand a couple of times a year. “Let life in the desert educate and strengthen them!” - the agamas probably think when they fly away from the masonry.

When you are furiously fighting with your brother, but then your mother comes into the room.

It’s strange, but animals are declining in numbers due to land restoration. The overgrown Astrakhan semi-deserts receive more precipitation, decrease in area, grass and shrubs hide dunes underneath. The stern lizard is disgusted by greenery and abundance, and she goes south - to where there is heat and sand, to where trials await her!

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