Cats guard a sound, healthy and sweet sleep (26 photos)

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20 November 2023

Cats are hardly suitable for the role of classic guards. Still, this is more the prerogative of dogs. But woolen companions are ideal as guardians of the owner’s sleep.

Not a single nightmare will slip past such a reliable defender. Cats are the best catchers of bad dreams.

1. Run away, monsters!

2. Everything is under control

3. Rest, beloved owner

4. Your sleep is in safe hands

5. Everything is fine

6. Sweet protector

7. Banishing nightmares

8. Guardian: the beginning

9. Even a mouse can’t sneak through

10. How sweet you are

11. If you try to wake me up, I’ll bite you

12. Fluffy hugs

13. Sweet couple

14. I won’t let any bad dream come to pass

15. The best pillows and toys

16. Pleasant with useful

17. Two boots in a pair

18. Don't be afraid, I'm with you

19. Protect and protect

20. Triple protection

21. Natasha, you are no longer sleeping, we see, Natasha

22. Plush hugs

23. I will save and warm

24. Watch your movie already, I’ll take care of everything

25. You don’t sleep very aesthetically, but you are a good person

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