An American won more than a billion dollars and sued his girlfriend (3 photos)

20 November 2023

The whole point is that his missus violated their agreement.

This past January, a Maine man caught his luck by winning the $1.35 billion Mega Millions jackpot. After paying all taxes, he received $498 million in his hands. But the happiness turned out to be short-lived.

The man was so desperately afraid that someone would find out about his winnings that he forbade the mother of his child to tell anyone about it. Yes, he didn’t just prohibit it verbally, but legally. The couple signed a document of confidentiality until 2023, just when their daughter turns 18 years old.

By the way, he also received his winnings anonymously, with the consent of the organizers. They appreciated his idea and agreed that it was not worth boasting about such money.

But the lady couldn’t remain silent for a long time, and in another telephone conversation she blabbed to his parents about the winnings, and told his sister a bunch of times. The man could not tolerate such betrayal and went to seek justice in court. Now he wants his missus to pay him $100,000 as moral compensation for each person she told about the winnings.

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