In China, pedestrians running a red light are sprayed with water (5 photos + 1 video)

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15 November 2023

Not only that, in China there are cameras at every step and all violations are easy to record. So now they decided not to punish them, but to prevent them in a rather harsh way. Although the children find him funny.

In provincial Daye, a machine gun was installed at intersections that will shoot a stream of water at a person if he tries to get off the sidewalk at a red traffic light.

They look like small yellow columns along the edges of the transition

Smart hydrants are synchronized with traffic lights. That’s why they invite people to quickly cross the road on the green one. But when the red light is on, the hydrant says:

- Don’t cross the road, otherwise you’ll get sprayed.

And these are not empty threats - they really pour on people. But this is only the beginning of the humiliation.

How else to glorify the offender

I thought that in the rain, when it’s already wet and your face is covered with an umbrella, you can violate as much as you like

Then the wet man will be photographed and shown in this state on a large screen at an intersection!

The sad part is that after this, your photo will still be sent to the police so that you can be given a fine. It’s good that there are no foreigners in their biometric archives.

Residents' reaction

The water in the hydrants is clean, and authorities say they change it every day.

And the sprinklers themselves are installed low enough so as not to hit even a child in the face. The children, on the contrary, are delighted, although they do not know that the adult accompanying them may receive a fine for their hooliganism.

But for the most part, some are scared, but no one creates scandals.

The trouble was that in the provinces it is extremely difficult to retrain people to follow the rules. In the capital, a couple of people will be hit when turning to red, and others will fear for their lives.

If a woman with a stroller moves, water will splash directly into the stroller)

And in the province, where there has always been a very poor traffic flow and traffic lights were installed only recently, local residents do not see the point in their existence.

They always crossed the road and no one died! And now no one will die, but will be disgraced.

And in Korea, at crossings, lights light up on the ground, because everyone walks with their nose to their smartphones

The solution is not strange if it works! But it works, people began to comply with traffic rules. And although it cost more than $200,000 to install five hydrants, the city board wants to install several more of the same kind.

I would even go to the province as a tourist to be watered by a traffic light with a hydrant. It's funny! And they will immediately take a photo as a keepsake.

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