15 Amazing Breakfasts Around the World That Prove Food Has Its Own Cultural Quirks (16 Photos)

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1 November 2023

Below you can see photos of traditional dishes with which residents of different parts of the world start their day.

Breakfast, according to nutritionists, is the most important meal of the day. A morning meal can charge you with energy, strength and good mood for the whole day. And if, for example, in Russia (and in most of the CIS countries) a hot breakfast is traditional - porridge, scrambled eggs, hot sandwiches and warm tonic drinks, then morning meals in other countries can be very surprising. Some culinary delights are so unusual that they inevitably make you want to repeat them (but how eaters will react to serving fried bananas or a strange concoction of black beans for breakfast is another question).

Scottish breakfast

A must include lamb tripe with scrambled eggs and Lorna's square sausage. Fresh vegetables and mushrooms can be used as additives.

Israeli breakfast

Shakshuka is a traditional Israeli dish of vegetables and eggs, served with bread or pita bread. Favorite in many Arab countries.

Japanese breakfast

The table should include steamed rice, miso soup, tofu, pickles and a few side dishes.

Italian breakfast

Most often, Italians start their day with a freshly baked cornetto (a pastry similar to a croissant, but with more sweetness) and a cup of coffee. By the way, did you know that in Italy it is customary to drink cappuccino only before 11 am? Local residents are sure that the milk included in the drink is absorbed only during this period of time.

Spanish breakfast

The Spaniards love bread with tomato in Catalan style - this is a traditional breakfast of Spanish shepherds, which was known in the distant past. Another dish that is popular among locals is churos. These are cinnamon cookies made from puff pastry that are baked into stick shapes. Served with hot chocolate.

Haitian breakfast

Guyana loves to have Bake & saltfish for breakfast - a crispy bun with fish and vegetables. Tasty and nutritious.

Ugandan breakfast

A popular breakfast dish in Uganda is called katogo. These are fried green bananas stewed with meat.

Polish breakfast

Residents of Poland are lovers of simple food. It's common for them to start their day with scrambled eggs.

Balinese breakfast

Residents of Bali prefer to eat the heaviest food for breakfast. One option is the traditional breakfast nasi gorent, which is fried rice with fish or meat.

Mexican breakfast

Mexican chilaques and posole are sources of vivacity and energy. The first dish is made from corn tortillas (you can add other additives at your discretion, most often meat or vegetables). The second gastronomic masterpiece is a soup based on chili, broth, spices and meat. Soup for breakfast is something new!

Brazilian breakfast

Those who love a hearty breakfast eat freijoada, a thick soup made from black beans and meat. This dish may not look very good. However, Brazilians love it for its unique taste.

German breakfast

This morning dish is not common throughout Germany, but only in Bavaria. For breakfast there they traditionally like to eat curly pastries with white sausage and sweet mustard. They wash down all this splendor not with coffee or tea, but with light beer.

Colombian breakfast

In Colombia, arepas are often served for breakfast - sweetish corn cakes that are delicious on their own or together with butter, eggs, meat or jam.

Ethiopian breakfast

Ethiopians love injera - large, doughy flatbreads made from the African cereal teff. They are served with various additives and fillings.

Iranian breakfast

Iranians like to start their day not only with a light breakfast, but also with something filling. On their tables you can often see a dish called halim - a mixture of wheat, cinnamon, butter and sugar, cooked with minced meat. Served in large pots.

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