An alligator attacked a handler during a performance (3 photos + 1 video)

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20 October 2023
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In the USA, an alligator unexpectedly attacked its handler in front of spectators. As a result of the attack, the man lost a toe.

Florence performed on the Big Cypress Reservation in Florida at the Seminole Indian Festival, during which people from all over the country demonstrate their ability to handle alligators.

During the performance, the predator suddenly grabbed the tamer by the right leg and bit off a piece of his foot in front of his relatives. Spectators immediately rushed to Florence's aid, pulled him out of the inflatable pool in which the alligator remained, and took him to the hospital. Despite the timely help of doctors, he still had to amputate his big toe.

As soon as this happened, millions of thoughts raced through my head. I know and have always known that when working with such animals there is always a chance of losing a limb. And I knew that this could happen to me one day. But you always hope that something like this won’t happen to you.

Recovery from the injury took several months, but Florence can now walk again and has even returned to work. He admitted that his leg still hurts every day, and from time to time he gets very upset about it and blames himself for not paying attention during the performance.

The Florida Seminoles are the only Indian tribe that has never signed a formal peace treaty with the US authorities. They proudly call themselves “the unconquered people.”

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