In China, a lion attacked a trainer during a performance (4 photos + 3 videos)

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28 September 2023
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September 22 during a circus show in the Chinese city of Dongning The lion attacked the tamer. The man managed to escape from the clutches of the king of beasts. The terrifying footage shows a dangerous confrontation between two animals and their trainer.

"When the two lions were released, the male came out first and stood circle around the female,” says an eyewitness. - In this moment the trainer had to intervene and tried to separate them with a stick. After this lion rushed at the man, causing chaos in the cage, and the frightened the spectators ran away."

The performance was immediately stopped and the audience was refunded the cost of their tickets.

The next day the city mayor reported that the lion did not bite trainer, but injured his hand. He added that the circus received permission to perform in the district.

After the incident, the circus workers dismantled the arena and left Dongning.

In April this year, another shocking incident occurred in China: lions burst into the hall and caused a commotion.

In Luoyang City, Henan Province, predators escaped from iron fence separating the stage from the hall. Frightened spectators tried to protect their children and leave the premises when one of the lions rushed out into the street. Fortunately, the animal was caught and nothing happened. injured.

And in the Sochi circus, 42-year-old Alexei was attacked Makarenko. Trainer Olga Borisova saved her husband’s life by driving away predator. It all started with a conflict between two young lions. When the tamers tried to calm them down, one of the lions attacked Alexei from behind and knocked him down. Borisova rushed to the rescue using a whip. Light extinguished, and the circus staff went into emergency mode, using water cannons and stun grenades to scare away the animals.

Surprisingly, after this the couple bowed and hugged each other. in the eyes of the audience, as if nothing had happened. Experienced Tamer received cut wounds as a result of the attack.

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