russian invasion of Ukraine. Chronicle for October 12-13

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14 October 2023

In the early morning of February 24, 2022, Russia launched missile attacks on Ukrainian territory and launched a direct, full-scale invasion. The Ukrainian Armed Forces repel the enemy

- The Russian Federation is accumulating reserves in order to go on the offensive in some areas, – Ermak.

- 59 people were killed by the Russians with a rocket in the village of Groza, – Klimenko.

All victims – local residents. Pensioners, doctors, farmers, teachers, entrepreneurs. Everything – civilian. Whole families of several generations died. Police forensic experts have identified all the dead.

- Malyuk turned the SBU into a surgeon who cuts out Russian agents in Ukraine – WSJ.

The SBU has exposed more than 2 thousand state traitors since the beginning of the war.

«Russian agents used to grow in Ukraine like cancer cells. Today the SBU is like a surgeon clearing the Ukrainian land of traitors and spies,” – noted Malyuk.

- Restoration of historical justice! PACE recognized the Holodomor – Genocide of the Ukrainian people!

- "Donbass Arena" will not win back itself”: Marketing Director of FC Shakhtar Alexander Mamalyga has been at the front since the first days of the Great War.

Now he is the commander of an aerial reconnaissance crew of one of the artillery brigades of the Ukrainian Ground Forces. To help Alexander’s brigade, Akhmetov’s Metinvest gave them 9 Valkyrie UAVs. and 2 more mock-ups of M777 howitzers that will help deceive the enemy.

Alexander’s personal goal – return to free Donetsk as soon as possible, home of FC Shakhtar: Donbass Arena will not win back itself. We want people to be able to return both to the Donbass Arena and to Donetsk, and prolong the normal life there that was before the war.”

- For the first time since the beginning of the war: Ukraine fires more artillery rounds per day than Russia.

Please note not only that Russia is running out of ammunition, but also that we have a record increase in the number of shots fired.

Western aid works

- Yesterday’s Russian losses were clearly confirmed...

- Here is interesting information from the Russian channel

Hurray, we're going to Avdievka, all the aviation, artillery, tanks are here!

Let's move forward!!!

After a few moments:

«We really need body bags. A LOT OF!!!"

APU well done

- Everyone remembers the popular video of firing with incendiary ammunition, which was shown on many channels. But after carefully watching the video, war researchers discovered that the Russians began to disguise phosphorus strikes as ordinary incendiary

In general, what we see in the photo: Shooting standard 9M22S incendiary-hail ammunition, it creates bright white garlands of sparks falling to the ground.....

But take a closer look, do you see these orange cone-shaped explosions? It’s hard to see, but behind them you can see a trail of smoke and you can immediately see that this is a different substance, it’s white phosphorus :shock:

The Russians disguise its use with thermite ammunition, but it doesn't really matter since using both substances against civilian or urban areas is a war crime, as the Russians usually do.

- In Russia, in relation to a lawyer and former player, “What?” Where? When?” Ilya Novikov has been charged with treason for “going over to the enemy’s side.” He is in the Kyiv TROsince the beginning of the war with Russia. Ilya Novikov commented on this news very briefly: “They’re going to fuck themselves.”

- Really why?

- The United States and traitors to the motherland are to blame - but the PRC will help the Russians!

- Promises to return early

"Change, we are waiting for change..." (c)

- Arabs are somewhat reminiscent of Russians.

Both of them always lack land

- OFFICIAL: The Russian ship "Pavel Derzhavin" was damaged near Sevastopol, - Ukrainian Navy “We can officially confirm: this ship was damaged. It doesn’t matter how.”

-NATO promised a “decisive” response if the damage to the undersea gas pipeline between Finland and Estonia turns out to be intentional.

Authorities in Finland announced on Tuesday that a sudden drop in pressure in the Balticconnector pipeline recorded on Sunday was caused by significant damage that "appears to have been deliberate."

Amid widespread media speculation about the possibility of Russian sabotage, Risto Lohi of the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation said at a press conference in Helsinki on Wednesday: "There is reason to suspect that the damage was caused by an external force." The force, he added, “appeared to be mechanical rather than explosive.”

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said on Wednesday that if the damage to the Balticconnector "is proven to be an attack on critical NATO infrastructure." NATO will respond with a united and decisive response.”

The Balticconnector pipeline, commissioned in 2019, became the only gas import channel to Finland – not counting liquefied natural gas (LNG) – since Russian imports were stopped last May as part of sanctions imposed on Moscow following its invasion of Ukraine.

Will they decisively deliver two more F16s to Ukraine in 2025?

- This is Konstantin Kuznetsov, presenter of the “Russian Bashkiria” channel. stands with a Nazi salute, but of course the security officers don’t see anything wrong with that

- Have you noticed what a frantic struggle is going on to ensure that there is no round number “100”? After all, everything is done just for the sake of this. A dollar at 96 is already normal for them, although, in fact, it changes little.

- I am sure that lawyers and jurists, like no one else, understand the inferiority of modern Russia.

- Is this a breakthrough or a breakthrough?


- No country has a chance of victory if it joins the West, Dugin assures. “Israel has crossed itself out,” writes a Russian political scientist. At the same time, he compared the situation in Israel with Ukraine. At the end of "Russkomirovets" stated that the Russian Federation will support militants until the complete destruction of Israel.

- Great offer for Halloween

-White House: North Korea handed over 1,000 containers with military equipment to Russia. It is reported that the weapons were first loaded from a warehouse in North Korea onto a Russian ship, and then transported by rail across Russia to warehouses near the city of Tikhoretsk, in the Krasnodar Territory.

- The largest ammunition manufacturer in the world will send 100 thousand artillery shells to Ukraine

The German company Rheinmetall has signed a contract for the supply of artillery shells as part of an agreement with the German Armed Forces. Despite the fact that the formal customer is the Bundeswehr, all ammunition is intended for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The order provides for the supply of more than one hundred thousand 155 mm shells from Rheinmetall's Expal Munitions subsidiary in Spain, as well as additional high-explosive DM 121 shells. Several tens of thousands of shells are to be delivered in 2023, the rest — in 2024.

In July 2023, Rheinmetall announced a new agreement with the German Armed Forces for the supply of artillery shells and expansion of existing cooperation. The contracts provide for the supply of several hundred thousand projectiles, igniters and charges.

Against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, many countries were forced to replenish their ammunition stocks. In this context, Rheinmetall has already received several large orders for the supply of artillery shells.

The agreement concluded in July for the supply of 155 mm artillery shells is valid until 2029, the volume of orders within its framework is about 1.2 billion euros.

In March, EU defense and foreign ministers agreed on a plan to jointly purchase ammunition. It provides for the provision of a million shells to Ukraine over the next 12 months.

Rheinmetall, the largest ammunition manufacturer in the world, has already supplied the Ukrainian military with Marder infantry fighting vehicles, ammunition of various calibers, field hospitals, military trucks and anti-drone systems. By the end of the year, Rheinmetall will provide Ukraine with a new generation of air reconnaissance systems LunaNG.

- Vladimir Putin: “The greatest pleasure and happiness — in children"

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