Mom, I'm fine: a selection of spectacular and funny photos from the traveler (18 photos)

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29 August 2023

No matter how many years, no matter who we become in life, our mothers They will always worry about us, like little children. Do we wear a hat in winter, are we eating well, are we in bad company - all these questions will always be relevant for the mother's heart. That's why you should always find time to at least call or write. And the more often, the better. For example, a travel photographer from Belgium Jonathan Kubben Quiñones does not forget about it! And news to his mother draws in a very original, funny and spectacular way. By the way, you Did you forget to call your mom today?

hello from the bottom of the sea

Greetings from Tulum in Mexico

Hello from Cappadocia

Hello from Monaco

Other people help to say hello to mom Jonathan

hello from the desert

Saying hello to mom is important. This hello took a lot of time and 700 candles

Hello from Africa

Hello from Istanbul

hello from the philippines

Hello from India

Hello from Japan

Are you on safari? It's time to say hello to mom!

Members of the Maasai tribe

Even if you have moved in time, do not forget to say hello to mom

This photo was actually taken in Brussels at the annual Ommegang costume parade.

Even in the middle of a fight don't forget to say hi to your mom

Hello from Siargao

Bonus: Mom is also fine and says hello

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Гость Mixa
Гость Mixa
31 August 2023
На цих написах не вистачає знаку питання.
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