Residents of China began to use electric wheelchairs instead of scooters (2 photos + 1 video)

24 July 2023

Residents of the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou massively moved to electric wheelchairs. The cause was not an epidemic or a major accident that restricted the mobility of thousands of people, and a ban on electric scooters.

Guangzhou, as well as many other cities in the world, suffers from traffic jams and young people prefer to move around around the city on mopeds and electric scooters. The latter are now especially popular in China; according to the latest estimates, they are now in the Middle Kingdom on the order of 300 million

But the Guangzhou City Hall a few days ago decided to limit movement of electric scooters and scooters through the streets of the city, motivating decision by the fact that in recent years the number of accidents due to them has sharply increased. Also, officials are confused by the fact that for management electric scooter does not require a driver's license, while drivers of such vehicles are full participants road traffic.

A peculiar struggle with electric scooters is now being waged in many countries. Primarily because their batteries are not safe due to frequent spontaneous combustion.

Guangzhou takes extreme measures to ban electric scooters in most parts of the city. But for wheelchairs electric drive, this prohibition does not apply, and enterprising young people massively moved to them, creating on the streets of the third the size of the city of China is a lot of chaos.

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