Beautiful sports car De Tomaso Guara 1996 put up for auction (25 photos)

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12 July 2023

De sports car put up for auction at Bring a Trailer auction Tomaso Guara 1996. The total number of cars with a similar type of body was 10 units released. The car is completely devoid of a roof, but has V8 engine from the Ford Mustang Cobra. At the moment the rate is 100,000 dollars, but there are still 6 days before the end of the auction.

Alejandro de Tomaso designed Guara in the footsteps of track sports cars Maserati Barchetta, which the company produced at the beginning 1990s Guara received a structurally similar chassis, but rethought for the installation of a V8 from BMW instead of the one used on Maserati six-cylinder engine.

Double wishbone suspension in Guara design matched with composite body panels and Brembo brakes. IN interior used bucket seats, Momo Prototipo steering wheel and MoTec instrument cluster.

In total, the company managed to collect 52 such sports car. Most of them received a closed body, two copies made with a convertible top, and the barquette without a roof and windshield De Tomaso only made 10 units.

It was this copy that was purchased by the head of the American company Pantera Parts Steve Wilkinson, but he bought the car without an engine - for simplification of importation into the USA. Already in North America, the car was equipped A 4.6-liter V8 from Ford that develops over 300 hp. and leads to driving the rear wheels through a six-speed manual. The engine case was provided with the inscriptions Guara and De Tomaso. The sports car was equipped with a plexiglass cap for the role of the windshield according to initiative of the second owner only in 2023.

On the odometer of a rare car is 9.4 thousand kilometers, but the seller emphasizes that the actual mileage of the Guara may be higher.

The De Tomaso brand was revived with the participation of Chinese investors in 2019. Last November, she introduced the latest model - supercar P900 with an unusual design and a 6.2-liter V12 with 900 horsepower.

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