Racing Porsche 962C with access to public roads put up for sale (14 photos)

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28 June 2023

Bingo Sports puts a 1994 Porsche 962C racing car up for sale of the year. This is a racing prototype rebuilt by sportsman Vern Schuppan. for use on public roads. The cost of the car specified, but it can not be cheap. The Porsche 962 itself is considered one of the legends, the price of which can exceed a million dollars, and Schuppan built only six of these machines.

The chassis of the Porsche 962 was considered extremely successful: on the account this model of victory in world races of various levels, which won both the factory team and private riders. Total from 1984 to 1991 the company built 91 cars, of which private customers had 75 chassis transferred.

Team Schuppan also used these prototypes at the end 1980s At the end of the 962's life cycle, Vern Schuppan decided to remake existing cars into suitable for ordinary roads, while retaining the main chassis advantages. Thus, these prototypes differed from racing ones. more comfortable suspension with other springs and shock absorbers, a simple air conditioning and minimal leather trim in the cabin.

The Schuppan engine has been retained - it is a 3.3-liter turbocharged "Opposite", developing about 600 hp in combination with a five-speed manual and rear wheel drive. The project involved Japanese investors - this explains the stickers with inscriptions in Japanese in salon.

How comfortable is such a car in daily use, given the cramped cabin, very compact doorway and massive thresholds, the seller does not specify.

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