Michelle Naila is a plus-size model who is proud of her curves (10 photos)

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23 June 2023

Along with the body-positive movement, models of non-standard sizes appeared. Michelle Naila is one of them.

Michelle Naila is a plus-size model, she is not afraid to be herself and actively demonstrates her curves on the Internet.

"Someday I will be able to tell my children about their mother, and when she was 25 years old, she lived in Greece and went in a bikini, not worrying about how her body looked," says model. She promotes love for her body, regardless of size.

Model from Switzerland is often criticized for photos in candid outfits and bikinis. But the army of fans admires the courage and audacity girls. Almost half a million people subscribed to her profile on social networks.

The model participates in advertising campaigns of various brands, the last major project was with retailer Boohoo. She also starred in clothes of popular brands, for which he receives dividends.

And the model also has an athletic guy. IN social networks, many write that a girl is unworthy of a guy with such a cool figure.

What do you think about curvy models? :3

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