Hole in the rock - the legendary cave house (7 photos)

19 April 2023

Hole n'the Rock - an inscription that can be seen by anyone who driving along the track in the Canyonlands National Park on the territory American state of Utah. It is written in large letters on a large rock, but, of course, not for the glory of rock music - rather, it is advertising signboard. Under the inscription is the entrance to the house, located inside the mountain.

Actually "Hole in the Rock" (as Hole n'the Rock is translated) - this is something like a makeshift cave, turned over a long time into a full-fledged residential building with an area of ​​almost 465 square meters.

Now it is something like a "cave museum", in which 14 rooms - so many have been "dug" for almost a century of existence of this unusual place.

Interestingly, at first it was a small cave for children's game. Transform children's play space into something more the global one was decided by one of the children - Albert Christensen.

It took him 12 years to expand the cave to current state. As tourists are usually told, he pulled out of the cave about 1.5 thousand cubic meters of sandstone. For about 8 years he turned the cave into a habitable house.

As a result, he lived here with his family, and also painted pictures and made another local attraction - a sculpture of the president Roosevelt on the surface of the rock above the entrance to the house.

Of course, the place became famous and attracted attention. travelers - but, nevertheless, tourist could not be called a tourist attraction. Ordinary life for "Hole in rock" ended with the death of its "author" in 1957.

Gladys, Albert's wife, after that essentially turned them cave to the family museum, or even to the museum of your own husband. Visitors can see paintings and sculptures by Albert himself, a collection of dolls, that Gladys collected, as well as everything related to the construction cave house - tools, old furniture, etc.

She later opened a souvenir shop and a roadside shop there. cafes, so Hole n'the Rock has become a real tourist business “Gladys even gave full tours of the house.

When she also died, in 1974, the museum, as far as You can understand what their children are doing. The current owners of Hole n'the Rock bought this is an unusual place for the heirs of Albert and Gladys in the year 2000.

According to them, they decided to keep everything exactly as it was. under the first owners - the same furniture, paintings, books and everything else, which made the cave house also a kind of "museum of antiquity".

For example, tourists are shown a collection of vintage neon signs, and in the souvenir shop you can buy "folk crafts", made by the indigenous people of Utah.

In the 21st century, another shop and a contact were added. a zoo in which live, for example, an ostrich, a camel, a deer and various exotic birds - it is proposed to hold various holidays, photo shoots, etc.

And one more - not very, apparently, advertised - a place that tourists can see is a joint the grave of Albert and Gladys, dug right into the rock. Sometimes they say that Hole n'the Rock is a monument on their grave that they put up to themselves.

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