Scientists have discovered a comet with a black hole in the core and a tail of stars (2 photos)

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13 April 2023

In 1910, people on Earth were seriously preparing for the end of the world. The reason was the arrival of Halley's comet. The experts speculated that she will touch our planet with its tail (the assumption is correct). And what is this tail saturated with poisonous gases, will destroy all life on the planet (the assumption is incorrect).

This is what a comet black hole looks like up close, according to a NASA artist

And imagine if the nucleus of a comet is not a "pathetic" mass of 220 billion tons, and 20 million more than the mass of the Sun! Here is an object recently discovered by scientists.

Okay, the comet was my little artistic exaggeration. But after all, in fact, this black hole looks and looks like comet. It flies at high speed, it has a solid part - the core. To her is the black hole itself. And behind it rushes a tail of compressed gas and stars.

An international team of scientists has discovered a black hole they called it "the runaway". The results of the study were published in scientific journal Astrophysical Journal Letters.

It turned out to be a "flying" black hole. Similar objects have long looking for. They confirm the hypothesis that supermassive black holes can be ejected from their parent galaxies. And after that they become wandering, cleaving alone in interstellar space (in which, in general, there is nothing to dissect).

Scientists have fixed the black hole by the bright trail it left.

The bright trail left by a black hole is made up of stars and compressed gas.

Supermassive black stars are usually found at the center of galaxies. holes. There is a similar one in the center of our Milky Way. But they are usually stable in the center, and do not fly out alone wander.

The observed "black hole-comet" is quite far away - 7.5 billion light years away. "Spit out" her dwarf galaxy RCP 28. And the black hole flies away at a speed of 5.6 million km/h. If it moved from the Earth to the Moon, it would fly to in just 14 minutes.

This happens when in a binary black hole system a third appears. It upsets the balance at the center of the galaxy and is one of black holes abruptly flies into intergalactic space.

A black hole in flight leaves a trail of stars and gas. And he's on orders larger than any comet. The track length of the observed star was twice the size of our Milky Way galaxy. Consists of "tail" of a black hole from compressed gas. It is from this that stars are formed.

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