Famous actors and actresses who turn 40 in 2023 (13 photos)

27 February 2023

Many people celebrate their 40th birthday with horror. Crisis of the middle age, self-doubt, regrets about unfulfilled dreams... All this is bullshit. At 40, life is just beginning. By the way, let's see which of the famous actors and actresses this year celebrates its 40th anniversary.

Henry Cavill – May 5

Actor in the films "Laguna" (2001) and "Enola Holmes 2" (2022).

Emily Blunt – February 23

Actress in the film "My Summer of Love" (2004) and the mini-series "The Englishwoman" (2022).

Lupita Nyong'o – March 1

Actress in 12 Years a Slave (2013) and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022).

Chris Hemsworth - August 11

Actor in the films "The Perfect Getaway" (2009) and "Tyler Rake 2" (2022).

Meryem Uzerli - August 12

Actress in the first season of The Magnificent Century (2011) and on social media in 2023.

Mila Kunis - August 14

Actress in the films "Piranha" (1995) and "The Luckiest Girl" (2022).

Andrew Garfield – August 20

Actor in the film "Boy A" (2005) and the series "Under the Banner of Heaven" (2022).

Tessa Thompson – October 3

Actress on the set of the series "Veronica Mars" (2005) and in the film "Thor: Love and Thunder" (2022).

Jesse Eisenberg – October 5

Actor in the film "Lightning: Fire from Heaven" (2001) and the mini-series "Fleischman in Distress" (2022).

Felicity Jones - October 17

Actress on the set of the film "Treasure Seekers" (1996) and in the film "The Last Letter from Your Beloved" (2021).

Rebecca Ferguson – October 19

Actress in the films The Spirit of the Drowned Man (2004) and Dune (2021).

Adam Driver – November 19

Actor in the TV series Law & Order (2010) and in the movie 65 (2023).

Jonah Hill – December 20

Actor in the films Heartbreakers (2004) and Don't Look Up (2021).

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