A small blind pea was found near the railway station (7 photos)

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9 January 2018

This tiny puppy was miraculously found by a woman while filming a photo shoot near the train station.

It looked like an injured kitten, but when she came closer, she saw a puppy with its eyes not yet open! He was tied to the rails with a rope so that he wouldn’t go anywhere...

The woman and her friend rushed to the nearest veterinarian.

Fortunately, despite this ordeal, the baby was fine, and the woman decided to turn to her friend, who had extensive experience working with puppies, for help!

“Our girl was less than 12 hours old. I took her home the next day.

I myself have rescued and raised many animals, so I knew that I could take care of the baby. At first she was very dehydrated and weak, but every day she became stronger and healthier,” said Deirdre Oakley, the puppy’s new owner.

Oakley decided to name the little beauty Polka Dot and truly fell in love with the “foundling”! So far, Pea has no health problems, despite her dark past.

Plus, her new family is doing everything to ensure that she continues to grow into a healthy and strong girl!

“Her eyes opened a week ago and now she is really starting to interact with people and even voice her displeasure if she doesn't like something... especially during feeding times!

She is very attached to me and loves to spend time with me, thinking that I am her mother,” admits the owner.

The baby is already 3 weeks old and growing incredibly fast. By the way, the police still have not found out who could have abandoned her in such a cruel way.

However, she was found in an area with a lot of stray dogs - and her rescuers believe that's where she was born!

Now the little baby is surrounded by attention and love in her new family! She is happy and grateful to her rescuers who did not leave the puppy to the mercy of fate!

“I am already so attached to her that she will remain with me forever. She deserves a second chance at life. “I have three other dogs, and this little one will fit in perfectly,” says Oakley!

But for this newborn sweetie, everything could have ended much worse if not for the kind people who were in the right place at the right time!

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