Kitten Finley was given a chance to survive (13 photos)

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23 August 2017

When this four-week-old kitten was found near the office, it looked like he wouldn't survive the next two days. But the girl decided to do everything possible to help the baby!

Meet Finley:

“One of my colleagues found a kitten near our office. Everyone knows that I love cats very much, that’s why they invited me to look at him.”

The kitten's eyes were very festered and he was covered with parasites.

The girl decided not to hesitate and take the baby to the veterinary clinic. As soon as she took him in her arms, the baby purred with all his might. The baby turned out to be very light and his temperature was very low.

The baby was prescribed antibiotic treatment, but the doctors gave only 50% chance that he would survive this weekend...

The girl decided not to give up and fight for the baby’s life to the last.

She didn't sleep that night. She simply lay next to the kitten, for whom she had built a house out of a blanket and a heating pad.

The next morning the kitten felt better. Thanks to the ointment and antibiotics, her eyes opened completely.

Finley found the strength to climb into the lap of her savior and thank her.

On the second day, Finley's eyes were almost completely free of infection.

The baby still didn’t eat on her own, but with the help of a syringe the girl managed to give the little ones something to drink and feed.

Every day the kitten felt better and better. She even took a warm bath to get rid of the fleas.

“She was enjoying the warm water... She was also very happy that she was now being taken care of.”


Finley managed to survive the weekend and her strength returned to her every day.

Also, Finley was rapidly gaining weight.

“After 4 weeks we took her to the vet and he said she was completely healthy.”

“She is the sweetest cat in the world. And the most playful"

“Finley loves to lie next to me and look at me with her huge eyes.”

Two and a half months have passed and Finley is growing by leaps and bounds.

“Originally, I wasn't going to leave Finlay, but over these weeks she has stolen my heart.”

“She is happy and healthy. And I can’t describe my love for her in words.”

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