The puppy had a dream - he was taken from the shelter and taken to travel (8 photos)

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6 January 2018

This story began when a young couple decided to visit a local animal shelter to open the doors of their home to a new family member! Their gaze fell on a small puppy without a name, huddled in a corner.

The shelter called him “puppy number 6.” As soon as Briana saw the baby, she immediately realized that he was the one!

The dog was named Bucket and she was the first pet that the couple adopted from the shelter, but it turned out not to be the last!

When Briana and her husband went shopping at a pet store, there was a box of puppies that were being given away for free. One of the babies stood and barked at this box, impressing Briana!

They wanted to take another dog into their apartment, but their landlord wouldn't allow it!

The couple eventually abandoned the idea for a while, but they couldn't stop thinking about the puppy!

A month later they returned, hoping that the dog had still not been taken. Apparently, it was fate and they realized that they would not leave without this puppy! So the family now has one more pet, and the new one is named Dagwood.

Dagwood turned out to be a very freedom-loving dog who simply could not sit cooped up. As soon as the owners left, Dagwood crushed and gnawed everything in the house, desperately trying to go outside!

Briana and her husband found a way out of the situation and began taking their pets on trips around the world! Then Dagwood really came to life and began to enjoy complete freedom!

Soon, the husband and wife decided to completely change their lifestyle: they exchanged their house for a van and set off on an endless journey with their dogs!

Dagwood and Bucket were delighted with these changes, as were their owners! This brave family together conquers mountain peaks, swims across rivers, engages in active sports and lives to the fullest!

Although the couple saved stray dogs, they also changed their lives.

“Looking at the world through the eyes of a dog means always rejoicing and admiring every discovery. We are happy to live a free life with our pets,” admit desperate pet owners!

This story can become an example and inspiration for many animal and travel lovers! Would you like the same?)

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