The kitten was so hungry that he ate dirt (12 photos)

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30 June 2017

Park was on her way to visit her mother in Dangjin, Korea. She took a wrong turn and ended up at a dog farm. Park, the founder of Free Korean Dogs, has been here before. She got out of the car and heard someone crying.

“I saw a little kitten in the house,” Park said.

The kitten, named Nimo, was so hungry that he ate dirt (possibly trying to find worms).

Park took the kitten in her arms, and at that moment the owner returned.

“He asked what I was doing here,” Park says. “I replied that I was passing by and saw a kitten.”

When Park said Nimo needed to be taken to the vet, the man laughed at her.

“He thought treating animals was a waste of money.”

In addition to the kitten, there were at least a hundred dogs in cages on the farm, many of which were sick and emaciated.

When Park broached the topic of taking sick dogs to the vet, the man became angry.

“He said I didn't look like a dog buyer.

He asked: “Why are you here? Are you from the Humane Society? Hate them ".

Fearing for her life, Park decided to leave. The man allowed her to take Nimo.

Park had to return home to Toronto two days later, and she couldn't take Nimo with her - he didn't have a medical certificate. Park took Nimo to Mrs. Jung, a woman who had rescued hundreds of dogs.

“Yung advised giving Nimo to Jiyun Yi. She had five rescue puppies. I promised that I would find good families for them.”

Park found homes for the puppies in New York and Toronto. A few months later, Park returned to Korea to film a documentary about the dog meat trade. When it was time to return home, Park took Nimo.

Nimo now lives with her best friend.

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