A seven-meter shark was found on the beach and had to be lifted with a tractor (5 photos)

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6 July 2024

At first, eyewitnesses thought it was a whale, but later research and rescue teams arrived and were able to identify the carcass with no signs of life.

A huge 7-meter shark has washed up on a British beach. Local utility workers even had to bring in tractors to pull the massive fish away from the coast.

The carcass of a shark, the second largest living fish in the sea, was seen near Maidens Beach in Scotland (UK). At first, witnesses thought it was a whale, but later research and rescue teams arrived and were able to identify the creature.

One witness, Yolanda McCall, from Ayrshire, said it was difficult to tell from a distance whether she was still alive.

"Her body was floundering in the water, so it was difficult to understand whether she was alive or dead. I put on a wetsuit and climbed into the water to check. As it turned out, it was a carcass with no signs of life. The shark was entangled in a long rope that was sticking out of its mouth and got caught in the tail. It looks like she was exhausted trying to free herself,” Yolanda said in an interview with reporters.

According to the woman, it looked as if the fish had died recently.

McCall contacted British divers for reinforcements. After the carcass was pulled out onto the sand, utility workers brought in a tractor to pick it up and take it away.

"We were able to see the beauty of this big creature. We were very sad," McCall added.

By the way, sharks of this species (Basking shark) can reach up to 9 meters in length. Their amazing size and jaws are terrifying, but these creatures are considered safe for people and other fish, since they feed only on plankton.

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