An electric car from Japan has become the fastest in the world - if it fulfills one condition (3 photos + 1 video)

21 June 2024

You probably were struck by the inconsistency of tenses in the title - if it has already “become” the fastest, then why will it only “fulfill” the condition? Nevertheless, everything is so.

An electric car from Japan has become the fastest in the world - if it fulfills one condition.

Japanese firm Aspark Owl said its new electric hypercar Aspark Owl SP600 has updated the world speed record for production electric vehicles.

On June 8, German driver Marc Basseng clocked it at 438.73 km/h on the Papenburg circuit. The previous world record was set in 2022 by the Rimac Nevera hypercar - it reached approximately 412 km/h.

On May 23 last year he became the fastest in the ¼ and 8 mile distances. Previously, the Japanese released a cool video in which the Owl reaches 100 km/h in just 1.92 seconds.

There is absolutely zero information about the technical characteristics of the new record holder. We can only say that it has been on the market for about ten years, during which time about 50 copies were built. Speed ​​is his only advantage. Perhaps, environmental friendliness can be considered a plus, since this is an electric car.

The name for such a fast car is not entirely suitable - Owl means “owl” in English. Aspark

“It's been about 10 years since we started working on the Owl hypercar,” said Aspark director Masanori Yoshida. “Technical capabilities such as these inspire personal improvement, challenge and growth into the future for all involved.”

The previous version of the Owl was still slower than its competitor from Rimac, so to break the record the car was modernized by adding the prefix SP600 to the name. Like its predecessor, the new hypercar was created by Aspark in collaboration with the Italian company Manifattura Automobili Torino. The only thing we know about the new version is that the aerodynamics of the body have been seriously redesigned.



For now, the new record cannot be counted officially, Electrive journalists sarcastically point out, because the SP600 is only conditionally a production car - Aspark itself calls it “a prototype with serial production intentions.”

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