The cat was “forgotten” for five weeks in a closed store: how she managed to survive (3 photos + 1 video)

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21 June 2024

The owner explained that he fed the cat but did not take it home because it “likes to scratch.”

Residents of Tenth Avenue in New York (USA) rescued the cat Leila, who was stuck in a closed Citra Gourmet Deli for more than five weeks.

Ben Lagman, who lives nearby, tried in vain to feed the animal through the broken door and then called rescuers to report possible negligence on the part of the owner.

“We thought the cat might die - she was in terrible condition, dirty and hungry. We didn’t know if there was air conditioning there, and we saw broken glass on the floor. It’s terrible!” - says Lagman.

Neighbor Tiff Winton says the pet survived only because the owner stopped by to feed it from time to time.

“There were empty cans of cat food all over the store, she was completely dehydrated and was sleeping in the cold basement,” the woman claims.

According to Vinton, all the neighbors united in a Facebook group and set a goal to contact the store owner. In the end, a man with the keys met them outside the store and agreed to give Leila.

“She’s such a good cat, she didn’t fight. She seemed to understand that she was being saved,” adds Winton, who took the fluffy one for herself.

The owner explained that he fed the cat but left it there because it “likes to scratch.”

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