14 funny and budget-friendly images from a cosplayer, created from everything that is bad (15 photos)

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21 June 2024

This cosplayer has become famous throughout the Internet thanks to his talent for transforming himself using anything he can get his hands on. Anucha makes her own costumes and accessories. And despite the fact that the guy creates most of the images using adhesive tape, paints and colored paper, he comes out very well, and most importantly, it looks similar!

The villain Homelander with caramel instead of death rays is not so scary

100% match, not counting the mustache

Here the author of the cosplay decided to make fun of himself. In his previous cosplay for a drink advertisement, he had more weight, but in the new one he was already thinner. Anucha joked that the reason he lost those extra pounds was because he switched to Diet Coke.

Cosplay that will bring you to tears

Even Rebecca Ferguson herself can't figure out which photo is her and which is cosplay.

Anucha always follows three rules:

Cosplay should be on a budget.

The image must be current.

The result should be funny.

The guy showed by personal example what the phrase “So bad it’s good” means.

Don't know what to do with the old wires you've had since 2001? Get a trendy hairstyle like Chalamet's!

I just want to exclaim: “If I had a cat like that, I might not have gotten married!”

To claim that Anucha uses only improvised materials in her cosplay is not fair. It is worth paying tribute to his faithful assistants - cats. Judging by the guy's social media accounts, he has at least 3 cats. And we note that four-legged animals cope with the images entrusted to them no less talented than their owner.

I wanted to take the test - “Determine what kind of character you are by the shape of your nose”

When you've already gone to bed, but all your thoughts are only about food

Why spend money on graphics when you can just pay this guy and he'll play 90% of the Planet of the Apes characters?

Cheetos inspire creativity

We are sure that Miyazaki would rate this cosplay 10 out of 10

Cats, like the eye of Sauron, can’t hide anything from them (especially when it comes to treats)

By the way, the new film based on “The Lord of the Rings” will be released in 2026. The picture was called “The Hunt for Gollum.” The film is directed by Andy Serkis. We know him from his role as Gollum, and he will play the hero again in the new film.

This alien is not a villain, but a superhero who saves us from tooth decay

Anuchi certainly looks like a meme character, but he also looks like a Mexican bank robber

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