In the USA, police chased away an alligator using a mop

14 June 2024

In the American city of Bradenton, an alligator came to the door of a restaurant before opening and did not want to leave. The employees decided to call law enforcement officers.

The incident, which occurred in the city of Bradenton, was captured on video taken by law enforcement officers themselves. The footage shows how a policeman pressed the one and a half meter reptile to the sidewalk with a mop and walked it to the bushes away from the entrance to the establishment. Later, the alligator tried to return, but vigilant law enforcement officers drove him away again.

Later, a message appeared on the police page on the social network that the alligator appeared at the door of the restaurant before opening and was clearly “counting on breakfast.”

“They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And this alligator was ready for him when restaurant employees discovered him. He waited patiently for Peach's to open at 6 a.m.," the post reads.

State wildlife officials warned people to stay away from alligators as they may perceive them as a threat and attack.

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