A selection of crazy and funny designs of various things (15 photos)

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13 June 2024

There is an opinion that there is no point in arguing about tastes. But sometimes, when you see some things, you can experience, if not shock, then at least surprise. After all, people sometimes create objects, drawing inspiration not only from sources of exceptional beauty, but also from very ambiguous ones. Let's look at photographs of various pieces of furniture, accessories and decor that have acquired their own hands, feet, eyes and even teeth.


A chair in the shape of a plump palm. Surely it’s very comfortable to sit in it with a book in your hands

Creepy lamp in the shape of a headless child

An unusual “big-eyed” find from an antique store

Finger manicure

“My friend has a ring with a real artificial eye.”

Bed in the shape of human feet

System unit with legs

Unusual shoes from Balenciaga that follow the shape of a human foot. Also in heels!

Creepy door handles that are trying to grab you

Hugging pillow

Leather hat imitating a human face. Creepy

Toothed wallets

Plastic glasses in the shape of hands

Wooden table

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