Slippers with Bluetooth - advanced technologies in India (5 photos)

10 June 2024

In India they take education very seriously and go to great lengths to pass the exam.

And it’s not a pity to hack such a stylish outfit!

By “everyone” I mean men dressing up in sarees to take an exam for their girlfriend. Trying to get into school through the toilet. And dozens of other inventive ways that one can only envy.

In South Korea, it's usually just a student with good grades without any distinctive features, changing his hairstyle and taking the test ten times for junior students. No creativity, not like in India. Because there's a new hit...

When everyone was wearing masks, the main thing was to deceive the system, and the teacher in South Korea will definitely confuse you, it is not customary there to memorize students

Bluetooth flip flops

Because in recent years, universities and colleges in India have begun to take away telephones at the entrance and, in addition, to turn off the Internet throughout the entire institution, so that they do not Google furtively. The last prohibition is that CLOSED shoes are prohibited, because they managed to cram hints and all sorts of gadgets inside them.

If you want to take the exam, come in flip-flops. And everyone comes, and is not indignant that they are searched at the entrance.

The entrances to some colleges in India are real checkpoints with iron gates and high walls, no cute fencing like ours

And the brilliant Indians came to the exam at the pedagogical college in the state of Rajasthan wearing flip-flops with a built-in SIM card for Bluetooth. Here we can groan about which of them will be teachers, but they also cheat from us, no need to bend our hearts.

Bluetooth is needed to connect to the micro-earphones in the ear. In some cases, it was even necessary to call a doctor to remove a Bluetooth earphone from the ear of a caught student, as deep as it had sunk into the ear chamber.

Bluetooth is needed to dictate hints via Bluetooth when the Internet is turned off

The most amazing thing in this story

What shocked me the most was the price of these flip-flops. The police say that such slippers are bought for themselves by criminals and the mafia, and they cost 600,000 rupees (about 6 thousand dollars). Where do poor students get that kind of money!? Or for honest purposes on the black market and they will sell it cheaper!?

During one exam, 25 people wearing Bluetooth sandals were caught at once. This means that they bought it in bulk somewhere and all went as one, believing in their own genius.

Remember this photo? This is during an exam at school. I love this photo, as they say, guess the country from the photo

By the way, in India they are strict with searches - they will tear your sandal in search of a SIM card, and they will get into your ear with a flashlight. And this is against the backdrop of a recent story where girls were indignant that a metal detector detected metal parts in their underwear and they had to undress before the exam.

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