A woman found her cat in her neighbors' house. It turned out he had 7 different families! (4 photos)

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10 June 2024

Pete has always been a very sociable and adventurous cat. Ever since he was a kitten, he has loved playing outside and meeting new people, and exploring his surroundings has always been one of his favorite pastimes.

“He's been coming into my next-door neighbors' houses since he was about a year old,” said Megan Holley, Pete's owner. “Neighbors told me he would show up on their porch to take a nap and make new friends before returning home.”

As it turns out, Pete didn't just make friends—he actually convinced seven different families in the neighborhood to adopt him!

“I found out he was 'rounding up' other families in late January when one of my neighbors posted outside her door asking if he belonged to anyone,” Holly said. “She fed him for almost two weeks and gave him attention. After that, several other neighbors on the street said they also fed him or gave him treats.”

Apparently, Pete gets several meals a day, lots of treats, spa treatments, and even bedtime stories! Holly tried to spoil Pete's fun by revealing his secret, but the neighbors continued to spoil him. Pete has the entire neighborhood in his paws, including all the children and even other pets.

“Pete also brought home a friend one day, another cat that we thought was a stray but turned out to be living on the street behind us,” Holly said. “Pete’s friend would come over for a snack and take him out for the day to play and walk around the neighborhood, and some neighbors would text and say they saw them hanging out together. He also hangs out with all the middle school and high school kids at their bus stop in the morning, and he waits for them to get off the bus in the afternoon so they can pet him on the way home, and they all know him.”

Pete is essentially the mayor of the area, but when he's at home he acts like a big kid. He loves to be held and even falls asleep in his owner's arms. And he definitely didn't like his secret being revealed! When he was caught at the crime scene, he had to make a guilty face.

“I usually meet Pete in other houses when I’m driving home and I roll down my window and call his name,” Holly said. "He looks at me like he's been caught, then walks up to my car and jumps in to go home."

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