A new beauty queen was chosen in Alabama (8 photos + 3 videos)

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10 June 2024

Miss Alabama looks like it ate the rest of the pageant.

23-year-old Sarah Milliken says that she dreamed of getting at least into the top ten, but did not even hope for victory.

The girl received the main prize in the National American Miss competition, and at first she could not believe her luck.

The organizers of the event said in an official statement that “braces, glasses, skin problems,” plus other visible features of the contestants can become part of a person’s uniqueness. Apparently, Milliken had all this in abundance, so the victory was awarded to her.

Sarah is from Atmore, a town located on the Florida border. Previously, she had already tried to participate in beauty contests twice, but did not have any success in this field.

After her victory, Sarah already began active social activities. Here she is discovering something in her hometown. If it weren’t for the crown on her head and the ribbon, the main beauty of Alabama would be difficult to find among the rest of those present.

In addition, Sarah begins to prepare for the main competition, Miss National America, which will be held in November in Orlando. According to media reports, this event is aimed at increasing women's self-confidence by encouraging a positive attitude towards body image. National title winners are in contention for a $30,000 prize package.

After her victory, Sarah foresaw a wave of hate and warned that she was not going to give up.

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