An American woman married herself because she couldn’t find a worthy husband (6 photos)

16 October 2023

42-year-old Sarah Wilkinson always dreamed of a beautiful wedding, but she had catastrophic luck in relationships.

She had her first and last romance at the age of 28, it lasted 4 years and ended in a huge scandal and terrible depression for Sarah. But the lady’s dream of a wedding did not leave her, and since no worthy candidates had loomed on the horizon for 10 years, she couldn’t think of anything better than to marry herself.

No sooner said than done. I called my girlfriends, threw a party for 120 guests, and at the ceremony vowed to love and protect myself forever.

She was led to the altar by her mother, who had finally lost hope for grandchildren.

Well, what would a wedding be without a beautiful cake, although the figurine of the groom was replaced with a frog.

The whole ceremony cost her $12,000.

But Madame does not rule out that in the future she will find that very “knight” who can make her happy. Do we believe?

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