Unusual game Triggle

9 June 2024

Triggle is a fun board game for 2-4 players that is suitable for both children and adults. In it, players compete to capture territory on the playing field using their geometric ingenuity.

Purpose of the game: Capture as much area of ​​the playing field as possible, filling it with your chips.

Gameplay: The playing field is a grid of squares with holes in the middle of each side of the square. Each player has a supply of chips of their own color. On a player's turn, he selects two adjacent points on the game board and draws a straight line between them through the center hole in each square involved. If a player's line passes through an open hole and crosses another player's line, then he captures the territory formed by this new line and sections of the old lines. The captured territory is filled with the tokens of the capturing player. The game ends when all free holes on the field are covered with lines. The player who captures the largest area of ​​the playing field wins.

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