A McDonald's employee dried a mop over French fries (3 photos + 1 video)

24 May 2024

An Australian McDonald's employee was caught on camera drying a wet rag under a lamp to warm up French fries. On April 4, Debbie Barakat walked into a fast food restaurant in the Brisbane suburb of Boowal with her son to find a disgusting scene.

“I was standing and waiting for my order when I looked back and heard an employee say: “I don’t think you can do that, it violates safety regulations, because the rag can catch fire,” the woman said.

Barakat claims that the employees at this time were collecting orders and taking potatoes, but the dirty rag did not bother them.

“I was completely shocked by what I saw, but she just laughed,” Debbie added.

The outraged client wrote an angry letter to the manager, but received only a vague response: “Rest assured, we are taking corrective measures to ensure this does not happen again.”

The CEO of McDonald's Australia said this was an isolated incident.

"McDonald's takes food safety seriously and strictly adheres to cleaning, disinfection and hygiene procedures in all restaurants," the corporation said.

Apparently, the employee was not fired.

“We have discussed this matter with restaurant staff and provided thorough refresher training on sanitation, hygiene and food safety procedures.”


Social media users shared their opinions:

“Might as well just sweep the potatoes onto the floor for flavor,” one wrote, accompanied by a vomit emoji.

“When I worked at McDonald's, I was amazed at the number of safety and hygiene violations,” added a second.

“So that’s where this taste comes from,” joked a third.

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