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24 May 2024

The engineering solutions of some... "specialists" raise many questions. Of course, we will not get answers to them! Therefore, we can only hit ourselves on the forehead with our palm or just laugh. Both actions, by the way, go well with each other. So, let's look at a selection of extremely questionable engineering solutions.

Latest generation gaming laptop

Curtain in public shower

The emergency door opening button in the room is located directly on the playground

A pointless and merciless staircase in the middle of the corridor

Students in our course complained about the lack of privacy in the restroom. Then, to solve this problem, we installed glass doors

I would like to say thank you to the designer who came up with a glass remote control

There are ceilings everywhere in the shopping center, except where the benches are.

A very challenging puzzle for football fans in the stadium

This is why we love modern technology!

CCTV camera located directly under the roof gutter

Have you seen the extension cord? We present to your attention an innovative development from leading engineers - a shortener!

Bench with anti-theft mechanism

Connect the washbasin and drain with a pipe? Nooo, there's a better idea!

When you are so close that there are no secrets between you

Attention, a question for experts: why are the buttons on this remote control located in this particular sequence?

Carpeted bathroom

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