Xiaomi SU7 turned into a “brick” at 39 kilometers (1 photo)

22 May 2024

Chinese social networks and the media are discussing an incident that occurred with one of the buyers of the sensational Xiaomi SU7 electric car. After picking it up from a delivery center in Fujian province, Mr. Wen was only able to drive 39 kilometers before the SU7 said it was broken and suggested contacting a service center. This did not help - Wen eventually lost his electric car.

As the unlucky buyer himself said, while driving the SU7 suddenly flashed its headlights and began issuing service warnings. The electric car warned about imminent blocking, recommended an urgent stop on the side of the road and stated that the power plant was faulty, suggesting that they contact a service center.

The appeal did not give any clear results. Xiaomi employees were unable to figure out the problem remotely. As a result, the electric car was taken away from the owner to be sent to the factory and the cause of the problem was determined with the help of competent specialists. Xiaomi noted that the problem may be systemic and therefore requires careful investigation.

The company promised to return the cost of the electric car to Wen and compensate for the expenses incurred, but simply refused to exchange the car for a working one. The fact is that there are huge queues for SU7 in China, and there are simply no free copies: Xiaomi has received more than 88 thousand confirmed applications. At the same time, the maximum production rate is currently limited to only 10 thousand electric cars per month.

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