What does the abduction of women lead to in China (7 photos)

16 May 2024

Recently in China, a woman kidnapped a girl in order to raise a bride for her over-aged son. Everyone was caught, the child was unharmed, and the unfortunate violators were given 2 years each.

But all the kidnappings of girls take place in the country so painlessly, in fact, this is a big problem in a country still trying to recover from the social blow of “one family, one child.”

Although it is now possible to have more children, the shortage of women in China is still acute. And especially for the older generation, because the law was introduced in 1979. They began to cheerfully get rid of the girls, fearing that the family would have no support left when their parents grew old. And by the beginning of the new millennium, that generation strictly limited to girls had just grown up.

It was at the end of the 90s - the beginning of the 2000s that the peak of kidnappings of girls occurred. The practice was completed.

It's better for you not to know what's going on in remote villages

The girl had 8 children who lived freely in the house, and her mother was on a chain

Not long ago there was a huge scandal in China. Six men were sent to prison for kidnapping a girl twenty years ago, chaining her up and forcing her to give birth to eight children. Eight!

Such cases are charged under the article “human trafficking,” although the girl was kidnapped not for sale, but for the “needs of the village.” After all, bride kidnapping is so romantic (no).

The sentence was surprisingly “weak”; the woman’s husband was sentenced to nine years in prison for torture, cruelty and holding her captive, and five others received sentences ranging from eight to thirteen years.

This is the first time a blogger found a girl in a clay hut

But they stole twenty years from a young girl, and they were given half that! And where is the justice? However, ordinary Chinese were also very outraged by the leniency of the sentence.

In January 2022, a Chinese video blogger discovered a girl, Xiaohuamei, living in a hut with a dirt floor near her family's home in Xuzhou Village. There was an iron chain around the girl's neck and a scarf tied over it.

A video of her went viral. And the blogger shared that the woman is 40 years old, and she already has 8 children, but she looks traumatized and mentally broken.

Mother-in-law in a village hut takes care of her grandchildren while mother is “under arrest”

The worst thing is that initially local city authorities ignored the accusations of human trafficking. They said the couple had a valid marriage license and were simply having relationship problems.

And her husband Dong Zhimin simply said that he put her on chains because of mental breakdowns that made her unsafe.

Somehow this did not calm the people down, and while the authorities were inactive, people and the blogger began to dig and write to all authorities so that the authorities would move.

In his interview, the husband said that people laughed at him that he was a bachelor until he was 43 years old. That’s why when I “got married,” I decided to have more children so that they wouldn’t dare laugh anymore

It turned out that Xiaohuamei was kidnapped as a teenager from her home region of Yunnan in 1998. And then they sold it to a farmer in Donghai province for 5,000 yuan. A year later, she was sold to other traffickers, who arranged her sale to Dong's (her husband's) father.

And since 1999, she gave birth to his children, 8 in total. The last one was born in 2020. But with each child the girl became worse, her fear and the absence of close people aggravated her mental instability. So in 2017, she was evicted from her home to a hut, and to prevent her from running away unattended, she was put on a chain.

A photo of a man when he tried to get married the "normal" way, but no one wanted to

At the same time, she did not stop giving birth to children. Of course, they didn’t take her to the doctor because they were afraid that she would tell that she had been resold several times. But at the same time, they had to give birth with the help of village midwives.

Yes, the girl was saved, taken to a hospital, and her husband was given a sentence half as long as the abducted woman served with him. But the point is that this is not an isolated case; films are even made about this practice.

The film is somewhat reminiscent of Dogville, people also lose the boundaries of normality

Back in 2007 they made the film “Blind Mountain”, which was very powerful. So I speak only to people with a strong psyche.

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