The mother bear brought her cubs to swim in the pool of someone else's house

14 May 2024

When it's hot outside, there's nothing better than a cool pool. Animals know this too! Therefore, recently the bear decided to show all the delights of the pool to her cubs.

“There's a new family of bears in town and they're the cutest cubs we've ever seen. We hope they grow up happy and healthy,” the video caption reads.

The owners of the house told reporters that bears are frequent guests in their mountainous area. Although they were alarmed by the first appearance, they began to enjoy visits from their animal neighbors. The men have already given the mother bear a name - Maddie, she often comes to the backyard, but this was the first time she was seen with two cubs.

The homeowners say the bear loves to swing on the swings and was once spotted in the hot tub down the street! However, they added that while they welcome bears, they always try to keep their distance and not leave trash or food outside.

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