Why is there a motorcycle at the bottom of a spotless pond in Indonesia (8 photos)

10 May 2024

Umbul Pongok Pond in Indonesia is just a small village pond that has suddenly become one of the best photo spots... at the bottom.

And all because the water there is incredibly clean. Water from 40 purest sources (800 liters per second) flows into a small pond 50 meters wide. So the water does not have time to stagnate, it is always spotlessly clean.

Now I also want the same photo, and I don’t even mind the sneakers

So everyone is tempted to take a photo at his bottom. Moreover, there are various props for photos - a scooter, a motorcycle, a bench, even a TV for funny selfies. The pond’s social network account has 40,000 photos, and only the juiciest photos are posted there.

Don't know how to dive? YOU CAN RENT A SPACE SUIT

Such original photographs quickly spread across social media. networks, so the flow of tourists to the pond does not dry out. But it was not by chance that the residents came up with the idea of putting the motorcycle at the bottom of the pond. He was already there.

How do they earn money? Rent everything, for example $5 per photo with an underwater camera

Broken things can be fixed

The fact is that 15 years ago there was no more polluted place in this village than this Umbul Pongok pond. Locals washed their clothes in the pond and at the same time used it to drain garbage. When the motorcycle fell there, there was no hurry to get into this mud. So the motorcycle remained there.

After swimming you want to eat like a wolf, that’s why eateries are thriving here

The village was poor, there was no work, locals went to work in nearby quarries. But in 2006, the main village elected a very active person - Junaedi Mulyono.

He approached the problem in a very unconventional way - he invited students from several universities to the village at once and asked them to conduct a brainstorm: what problems they see in the village and how to solve them.

These girls in hijabs are employees, it looks funny, right?

And one of them proposed an unexpected solution: you have a simply stunning pond in your village, so make it a source of your income.

This is how the company “Tirta Mandrini” appeared, that is, a profitable business from the pond. Residents chipped in 5 million rupees (not immediately) to clean up the pond. They also decorated the entire village and put equipment on the bottom.

We only recently saved up money for a beautiful inscription, but well done for developing

And after a couple of years, all residents began to receive dividends, from 400,000 to 500,000 rupees per month. Thus Pongok became a village with some of the best living standards in the countryside. All the work of the residents revolves around tourism, and about 700 families live in the village.

There really are a lot of fish swimming there, and it’s very cool. Fish don't bite!

Thousands of people come to Umbul Pongok every weekend and it is well worth the visit. But let’s admit, if it weren’t for Instagram and hundreds of photos as free advertising, no one would have thought of coming here. It’s just that Paris and the Eiffel Bath are already hackneyed, tourists are looking for original views and off-the-beaten-path places.

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