Indonesia is crazy about cats in hijabs (5 photos)

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19 February 2024

Sometimes you have no idea what is going on in another part of the world. You look in and there’s something cute going on there! Not quarrels, not social cataclysms, but thousands of photographs of cats in hijabs.

In Indonesia, the trend of dressing their cats in hijabs has gone viral. And the popularity is so great that online stores have already begun selling clothes for animals in the Muslim style.

Well, just Roksolana, no less!

All Muslim women in Indonesia wear the hijab, and they have embraced this trend like a breath of fresh air. Because the Internet is full of cats in hats, suits and ties, but no one dresses cats the way they dress!

This is how the cat accepted Islam without even knowing it!

Moreover, cute cat hijabs are quite inexpensive, hence the virality - anyone can buy and post photos.

Skullcaps were sewn for cats for Ramadan))

The funniest story was of one girl who also wanted to take such a photo, but she didn’t have a cat. That's why she hunted for a street cat to dress her in a hijab.

The strangest reason to catch a street cat, but everyone goes crazy in their own way.

And the jokes under the photos are also appropriate:

“What a horror, this cat’s hair is visible from under her hijab in the photo!”

She herself is in a hijab, but her breasts are bare and her nipples are sticking out! What depravity!

And even socially biting ones:

“My cat wears a hijab because she has taken the path of morality. I can easily let her go for walks, and wearing a hijab, she definitely won’t get pregnant from any cat.”

“Wearing a hijab is my cat’s free choice!”

Animal rights activists are against it as always

And here is the entire cast of the Magnificent Century, no less!

The oncoming wave is a condemnation that it is harmful for cats to wear such warm clothes on their heads. After all, the ears and crown do not cool down, and in Indonesia it can be very, very hot.

As if someone would seriously force a cat to walk around in a hijab all day.

One of the most harmless and cute trends to popularize the Muslim lifestyle.

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