BYD unveiled an electric hot hatch at the Beijing Auto Show (7 photos)

30 April 2024

BYD presented the new Ocean-M hatchback at the Beijing Auto Show. This is the imagination of designers on the topic of what a “charged” hatchback could look like in the modern world. The production car will appear at the end of summer and will try to conquer the European car market.

BYD Ocean-M has an exaggeratedly daring appearance. In addition to the dynamic silhouette and two-tone body design, the hatch was endowed with a developed aerodynamic body kit in a racing style with huge air intakes, flaps in the wheel arch area and a large rear wing. In addition, the five-door received an accented diffuser.

No technical characteristics have been announced yet, with the exception of the layout - the Ocean-M received rear axle drive. As previously reported, BYD decided to try to revive the now extinct genre of hot hatches, but in a modern way: with rear-wheel drive instead of front-wheel drive and electric motors instead of internal combustion engines.

Approximate prices for a car will range from 150 thousand to 200 thousand yuan.

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