Chinese BYD presented a battery-powered roadster (13 photos)

22 April 2024

BYD held a large conference in China dedicated to the development of the Fang Cheng Bao brand. It's focused on luxury electric SUVs, but the highlight of the event was the surprise premiere of a supercar. Fang Cheng Bao Super 9 has a design that is extremely unusual for China and has every chance of becoming mass-produced.

At its core, the Super 9 is a classic 1950s speedster with a modern twist. The model is completely devoid of a roof and windshield, which was replaced with individual “visors” in front of the driver and passenger. Thus, you will have to fly the Super 9 exclusively in a helmet with a visor or mask.

The Super 9 features highlighted wheel arches, aggressive aerodynamic elements, including, for example, side skirts and an integrated wing, as well as original optics. Wolfgang Egger, now the chief stylist of BYD, and in the past the chief designer of the Audi and Lamborghini brands, was personally responsible for the exotic appearance of the Super 9.

The Super 9's cabin is divided in half by a graceful pylon. A similar solution for small-scale cars was used, for example, by Aston Martin with its 2020 V12 Speedster. Butterfly doors are definitely taken from a number of European manufacturers: from Mercedes-Benz and Lamborghini to McLaren. The interior is designed in a distinctly racing style with carbon seats and a driver's steering wheel dotted with buttons.

No technical characteristics have been announced yet, all that is known is that composite materials are actively used in the design of the Super 9, and the power plant is electric. Perhaps the production Super 9 will be a technological relative of another BYD supercar - the Yangwang U9. The fate of the car should be discussed in detail during its premiere at the Beijing Motor Show.

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