Chinese man hid in a cave for 14 years because of 150 yuan (5 photos)

22 April 2024

That is, because of the $20 he used to rob a provincial gas station in China. He was so afraid of punishment that he hid in mountain caves for 14 years of his life.

The scam of a criminal "genius"

Liu Mofu was in his 30s when he, his young brother-in-law and his friend robbed a gas station together. But already in 2009 there was little cash there; they were able to take away 156 yuan. Now it’s 20 dollars, then you could buy more with it, but still the amount cannot change anything in a person’s life.

Therefore, the two men immediately spent 60 yuan on food and fireworks, then divided the rest between three. Each received 32 yuan ($4).

It's sad and lonely, you can make an instructive film about retribution for actions

But only the son-in-law and friend were taken literally in hot pursuit, and the man realized that literally that evening the police would come to him. Only he took a sleeping bag, clothes and ran away from home.

He knew the mountains well, so he decided to start by camping in the forest not far from his house. But he didn’t know that he would punish himself more severely than the police would punish his accomplices.

The thing is that the robbery was carried out with the use of weapons (they intimidated the gas station employees). And this is an extremely serious crime in China, punishable by 10 years, versus 3 years if it were ordinary theft or robbery.

In China, they often hide in the mountains, but usually these are dangerous criminals, for example, human traffickers

How 14 long years began

The police visited his relatives almost every house, asking if Liu Moufu had returned. Therefore, he realized that he could not return home. And he found a new place of residence - a karst cave in the mountains.

He earned his own food by hunting and trapping, and sneaked into the village at night to steal potatoes from his neighbors. Fortunately, he knew where they stored the vegetables.

There's a cave under the trees here. It’s impossible to find it yourself, and no one was looking there

He also saw his family, but only on major holidays. Then the villages were full of visiting relatives from the city, and the police were busy guarding the squares. No one had time to look for the fugitive robbers.

The Liu family does not admit whether they knew which cave the Chinese man was hiding in. But they didn’t hand him over, but they didn’t go there themselves either - the police were watching them. The family consulted a lawyer, and the prospect of 10 years in prison frightened the robber. Then he only served 4 years in the cave. He thought that it would end faster than 10 years...

In order not to suffer completely alone, Liu tamed several stray dogs and lived with them in his cave.

But loneliness drove him crazy and drove him to despair. He broke down... in the 14th year of his hermitage. During this time, he missed his son's wedding and the birth of his grandson. As a result, when he turned 50, he realized that he had not been with his wife during all the most important years of his life.

He went out to the people and opened the cave. It turned out to be quite deep in the forest, 10 kilometers from the village; the police would never have found it on their own. Moreover, he was hiding even from random travelers, as if someone was looking for the guy who stole 150 yuan.

As you can see, his photo is in front of a police car. he was sent to prison anyway

All that Liu, who finally surrendered, says is that he endlessly regrets his action. He would have been released much earlier and would have had more time, even if he had been convicted under the most severe article.

It seems to me that he put himself on a chain next to his family. He could have fled to another region, gotten a job there and sent at least money to his grandson, and not stolen potatoes.

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