For the first time, food was produced from air and solar energy in Finland (3 photos)

22 April 2024

A revolution in the food industry - the Finns have figured out how to make food out of thin air by converting carbon dioxide into protein. So far, only a startup and technology have been developed, seemingly for the colonization of Mars, but this is all a beautiful sign and it is not at all a fact that in a couple of years humanity will not be forcibly fed pasta or mayonnaise made from a yellow powder called “solin”.

Finnish scientists have proven that you don't have to plow the land to eat.

Solar Foods, the studio that developed the protein technology, produces protein using air and electricity as its main resources.

To create protein using the Solar Foods method, carbon dioxide, water and electricity are required, as well as small amounts of micronutrients. In a special steel bioreactor tank, food can be cooked even in space.

The studio behind the project was selected for the European Space Agency's business incubator program.

There is nothing remarkable about a dish of fresh ravioli cooked with salt - that is, from air. They look and taste the same as regular pasta. But they are produced in Europe's first factory dedicated to producing food for people from electricity and air. Food and agriculture account for about a quarter of all planet-warming carbon dioxide emissions. Convincing people to eat less meat and more plants is not yet possible

, writes the British The Gardien.

But farmed proteins such as saltine may make this approach more attractive. Solein comes in the form of a yellowish powder consisting of single-celled organisms. The company hopes the proteins will be used in meat substitutes, cheese and milkshakes, and as an egg replacement ingredient in noodles, pasta and mayonnaise.

Solar Foods expects to begin commercial production of the protein within two years. During the testing phase, the concept proved to be viable.

Initially, the idea to produce food using solar energy arose from the desire to obtain food in a more environmentally friendly way, without resorting to plowing the land for agricultural needs.

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Гість Олександр
Гість Олександр
23 April 2024
Хай самі і жеруть свою хімію!
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