"Tasteless": scientists drank the water, which is billions of years old, and talked about their feelings (3 photos)

23 February 2023

We all know that scientists are ready to go to great lengths to make a new discovery. This time, very brave scientists decided to drink water, which is 2.6 billion years old.

They extracted water from cracks in granite in a Canadian mine on several kilometers deep. Geologist Barbara Sherwood Lollar decided check what happens if you taste the water. According to Lollar, The water turned out to be viscous, similar in consistency to maple syrup:

The liquid is extremely salty due to the reaction between water and stone, and also has a higher viscosity than tap water. It has also turned orange as it begins to form minerals.

Barbara explained that this water has been preserved since a time when there was not even free oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere. The first multicellular organisms began to appear only a billion years back.

Professor Barbara Sherwood Lollar

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