What does SPA look like at a hippopotamus?

17 April 2024

It turns out that even hippos have days off, and they are wonderful: ten hours of sleep and a SPA with fish.

You will melt from our new video, because the hippopotamus in it is enjoying life. A smile is frozen on his face while African cichlids actively clean his skin. However, do not be fooled by the cute image of this animal, because in fact, hippos are the most dangerous animals in Africa.

Aquatic inhabitants help keep hippos clean. But the most interesting thing is that different fish are responsible for different parts of the giant’s body. For example, the main cleaners are carps. They clean the thick skin of dirt with their wide mouth.

The little cichlids captured in the video love to clean the skin around the bristles, and their favorite place is the tail. Tiny garra wash wounds. There are also barbs: they feed on dung and clean out cracks on the hippopotamus’s paws. The hippopotamus likes this so much that he even spreads his toes so that the sea cleaners can reach the most inaccessible places.

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