The body of a “vampire” was found in an abandoned church (3 photos)

16 April 2024

A bloodless 22-year-old French woman dressed in a vampire outfit was found in Italy. According to preliminary data, the girl took part in a ghost hunt.

Auriana Natalie Laisne, 22, was found in a fetal position by a tourist in an abandoned church in Italy's northern Valle d'Aosta region. The girl could have been killed by Teima's ex-boyfriend Sohaib. A 21-year-old Egyptian man living in Grenoble, France, was charged with domestic violence and was banned from approaching Laisne.

“This is a classic murder, the motive of which was a sense of possessiveness and control over the will of the victim,” said Aosta prosecutor Luca Ceccanti. “The man arrested in Lyon is suspected of committing premeditated murder with aggravating circumstances.”

There was a witness who saw the couple: “They were dressed like two goths, all in black. Like two vampires. She was so pale that she looked like a dead person. I can’t sleep anymore knowing what happened.”

According to the publication Il Gazzettino, Auriana and Teima traveled around Europe, looking for abandoned villages where they could set up camp. The church where the girl was found is little known even to local residents.

Police are trying to determine whether Laisna's death was a "consensual homicide" or a sacrifice. The girl received a knife and three bullet wounds. The crime may be related to a popular ghost hunt on TikTok.

Forensic experts found that the French woman was stabbed several times with a camp knife, and after her death she was shot twice in the neck and once in the stomach.

The body lay next to a bag of pink marshmallows and other food items. The killer washed the blood off the floor, and no signs of a struggle were found.

Teima Sohaib was arrested in Lyon.

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