12 photos that seem ordinary until you find out their story (13 photos)

16 April 2024

There are special events in many people's lives that deserve to be immortalized in photographs. In this post you will see wonderful moments that show the spiritual side of humanity. Take a look!

1. These storks flew to Bulgaria in the spring, but suddenly it got colder and they began to die. Safet Khalid sheltered the birds in his house, warmed and fed them until the weather improved

2. Diana Bagautdinova is the best welder and the only girl at the national professional skills championship among young people World Skills

3. The doctor created a special medication schedule for a patient who could not read.

4. Volunteer at an animal shelter

5. Grandfather turned 100 years old. He stayed up until midnight to watch on his phone as he entered his century of life

6. My 70-year-old grandmother collects trash on her morning walk on the beach.

7. My friend’s son almost died from lung cancer and beat the disease. I decided to support the guy at his first training session

8. I thank from the bottom of my heart the person who noticed that I left my car's sunroof open during a rainstorm.

9. This is how you should treat nature

10. A firefighter saved a dog that almost suffocated during a fire.

11. The dog made a new friend on the beach today

12. He's twenty-six years old and finally beat autism and got his driver's license this morning.

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